Where I’ve Been

visited 15 states (6.66%)
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I have a lot of ground to cover still.



4 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

    1. New Zealand all the way! It’s a beautiful place and small enough to get around in a shorter timeframe than Australia requires. Plus the people are lovely and it’s quite affordable.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply, NZ sounds right up my alley. I’ve heard of Queenstown and Auckland and know a lil bit about them, but Rotura is the main place in NZ that I really have been longing to visit.

        I had never heard of Tongariro until this article but I did a lil research on it yest after reading this article… thx for the tip. I love networking with other travelers for this very reason.

        Keep up the travels & best wishes!

      2. Tongariro is an amazing experience – if you’re going to do it, be sure to make arrangements for drop off and pick up beforehand (especially pickup)! Rotorua is lovely but be prepared for the sulphur smell to travel with you 🙂

        Happy travels!

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