In the City: Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post

What: A weekly vintage goods, arts and crafts bonanza

Where: West Hollywood, in the parking lot of Fairfax High School (corner of Melrose and Fairfax)

When: Every Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Good Stuff to Know: Get there early. Parking fills up quickly, but there’s ample street parking in the surrounding neighbourhood – just be prepared to walk. Also, it’ll set you back three bucks to enter!

The Scene: Hipsters, ahoy. Looking for a terrarium, high-waisted shorts, scuffed (but not too scuffed) Doc Martens or an old typewriter? Melrose Trading Post has got you covered. Run by a partnership between Greenway Arts Alliance and the Fairfax High School community, the Trading Post is a great place to start a lazy Sunday in LA.

After cooler-than-expected December temperatures LA finally warmed back up, and I wandered aisle upon aisle of vendors wrapped in the warmth of the mid-morning sun. The Trading Post has a Spitalfields vibe to it – with more artists selling handmade goods (A++). I picked up several pairs of retro-inspired earrings and a few Christmas presents, and wished for a larger suitcase to cart home some of the shabby chic furniture and home decor dotted all over the market. One of the most popular booths was a vendor selling nothing but vintage postcards and pictures, meticulously organized by state. I’m not sure which my brain appreciated more, the travel aspect or the insane attention to detail.

Other things that tickled my fancy:

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  • $5 ugly (and I mean ugly) Christmas sweaters! Why are these so expensive here? Why are there so many in LA? Is this where Christmas sweaters go to die? Note to self, stock up here next year and resell them at home for a tidy profit. Or, just throw amazing ugly sweater parties (more likely).
  • Actual bathrooms!
  • The vendors I spoke with were all lovely! None were pushy and all seemed pretty laid-back for a flea market.
  • The enormous Macho Man Randy Savage body pillow that I really should have bought but couldn’t figure out how I would transport home. Would I have had to buy him a seat on the plane? How awesome would that have been?! I’m sorry Mr. Savage, I should have taken you.

Many vendors are equipped to take credit cards, but bring extra cash for haggling ease. And a friend who’s not an enabler – it took a lot of restraint wandering there solo. There are also a few food vendors and a cute little coffee booth (I opted not to have any coffee, as I was still coming down from Saturday’s activities), and a live band!

Do you have a favourite flea market?


When Flying Was Civilized

It may be hard to imagine if you spend all of your flight hours crammed into what passes as the economy section these days, but at one point flying was civilized. Seriously – a nice, luxurious way to get around! These photos share the glamourous nature of flying in its heyday – I love the United Airlines uniforms, Richard Branson (with several women on his lap), and the treatment of Russian spies. If you’ve ever felt grumpy about the service (or lack of it) provided on flights today, that last photo might make you grind your teeth a tad.

Scenes From When Flying Was Still Civilized – Gizmodo