Making Friends.

Praise the day. I made a friend.

After lamenting to my mum yesterday that there are NO women travelling on their own, who should I plunk myself down next to on a bus but a woman travelling solo! It was very well-timed and comforting to hear someone else echoing the same concerns that I have had, and to meet someone who was not looking to turn her vacation into a booze cruise. SWEET RELIEF.

I’ve been a bit sporadic with blog posts (hence the five posted in one day the other day – so much for scheduling them to release periodically, WordPress), but I’m going to try to have a bit more regularity with these things. I’m just on a tea break before heading out for a hike around lovely Kaikoura (and a winery!), with a picnic packed and LOTS of sunscreen. This marks my first week here  – and although there have been some bumps and I’m still feeling a bit homesick, I think I’m moving onwards and upwards. Cheers friends – and thanks for reading thus far.


Dinner for One

I’ve been getting into a bad habit of skipping lunch or cheaping out on dinner in an effort to save money. While wandering around Rotorua slightly lost another backpacker stopped me to ask for directions, and we ended up walking around for a bit trying to find our way back to the bus stop. He was also travelling on his own and I decided to be bold and ask him to have dinner with me, thus ensuring that I would not only eat a proper meal, but that I would have company to boot. Eating on my own is not something I have a problem with – it’s a reality with my job many months of the year, and to be honest it’s sometimes nice to only have to cater to what my tummy wants! But one of the purposes of this trip is to challenge myself and I was pretty impressed that I asked a stranger to dinner.

It started off fine – he was from Korea and we chatted about the benefits of travelling solo, and how it’s sometimes difficult to explain to others why it appeals to us. But then he had to go and hit on me repeatedly.

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