Physically Check In, Mentally Check Out

Only San Francisco would come up with this.

It was recently announced that San Francisco Airport has opened the first yoga room at an airport anywhere in the world. While likely not as relaxing as your local studio, the space comes complete with soft lighting and calming blue walls.

After the hell that is check-in and security, I often seek out quiet corners to dump my bag, stretch out and decompress, particularly before long flights. The last time I flew out of SFO I remember spotting a few fellow passengers unrolling yoga mats and I wished I had packed mine in my carry-on. Airport carpets aren’t always the nicest for sprawling out on, you know. So the idea of a dedicated space, away from the raised eyebrows and looks of scorn from other grumpy passengers in the waiting area would be just the ticket I think. Hats off to SFO for being innovative!

Would you use a yoga room if an airport offered one? Leave a comment below!