Best of Tripping ‘Round the World – 7 Links

After six months of blogging, here’s a look back at 7 of my favourite posts from my Tripping ‘Round the World blog.

I was recently nominated by Brock of Backpack With Brock (thanks buddy!) to participate in the My 7 Links project sponsored by TripBase. The purpose is to identify seven posts that belong to each of the categories listed below, and then nominate other blogs to do the same. Neat idea! To be honest I haven’t spent a ton of time trolling through my stats due to lack of time or pretty shiny things to look at when I’m travelling. So it was a lot of fun to discover posts that got a lot of loving, and kind of interesting to see the ones that didn’t (nothing like some cold, hard numbers to remind yourself that at times you are not that funny). Anywho, let’s go!

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