Updated: November 4

Guys, I keep getting older. How is this happening. Ahhhhhhh.

I have some thoughts on 32, that I’ll churn out…eventually…once the move I’m in the midst of wraps up. Until then, some new stuff to keep this year interesting! I’ve opted to remove categories this time around; if any of the items tickle your fancy and you want to do one with me, let me know!

  1. Wander two new-to-me neighbourhoods in Toronto
  2. Throw a dinner party (or brunch)
  3. Go to a drive-in theatre
  4. Go for dinner at Winterlicious or Summerlicious in Toronto
  5. Do five chin-ups. Preferably on the monkey bars at Santa Monica.
  6. Take a dance class
  7. Have a proper high tea
  8. Try my luck at batting cages
  9. Become a mentor…or a mentee! Or both!
  10. Read 33 books (follow along with my progress on Goodreads)
  11. Do a half marathon. Holy crap.
  12. Take a letterpress class
  13. Design and print my own stationery
  14. Seriously learn French…I live with someone who is bilingual, this is ridiculous woman
  15. Stand-up paddleboarding in Toronto or elsewhere
  16. Work on my flexibility. Recommitting to yoga should help.
  17. Go trail running
  18. Go to Quitters Coffee
  19. Learn the lyrics to No Diggity
  20. Invest in myself. Want a nice lipstick? Want to take a course? Want to sit and read a book for an afternoon and neglect other nagging responsibilities? I want to say yes to myself more.
  21. Say no to others. On the flipside, learning to say no. Avoiding the burnout hole I keep tumbling into.
  22. Have a beach picnic
  23. Go on an epic hike
  24. Do a whiskey flight
  25. Bake some bread from scratch
  26. Take a baking class
  27. Go to a Detroit Tigers game with Victoria and Tom
  28. Finally go to Stones Place
  29. Travel to a city or country I’ve never been to
  30. Grow (some) of my own food – I finally have access to a proper backyard!
  31. Create a gallery wall for our new place with our favourite travel memories
  32. Make and sell something (crafty? wordy? We shall see)
  33. Most importantly, on February 26, 2017, look back on 33 and realize it was pretty awesome!