Enjoying Wine at 30,000+ Feet

Porter airlines red wine

Sometimes a flight is long. Perhaps a long day was had prior to take-off, and you merely want to unwind. Or, perhaps, it’s a special occasion. Regardless, sometimes one just wants a glass of vino at 36,000 feet.

I’m certainly no aviation wine specialist but here are a few that I’ve sampled over the years:

American Airlines
I write this from what may be a relic from the 50s (but is in fact simply one of American’s antiquated McDonnell Douglas planes), nursing one of the most generous-sized bottles I’ve ever seen on a flight. It helps make you feel less depressed about your surroundings and the lack of entertainment options. It also helps muffle the sounds of screaming children and the engines, so it’s a win-win!

Glass size: two servings
What’s the pour: Coastal Ridge Merlot and Chardonnay
Cost: 7 bucks (US)
Good to know: A cheese plate is available to go with your wine. Or, if you’re stuffed from dinner like me, Almond M&Ms. Classy!

Air Canada
Air Canada offers complimentary vino when travelling overseas, a nice treat I discovered on a recent flight to Paris. Or, you can purchase options on shorter-haul domestic and US flights. If you’re soaking up the luxury of business class you’ll get a glass as well, however they won’t indulge you if it’s not an appropriate hour. My attempts for a poor woman’s mimosa were thwarted, ho hum.

Glass size: one serving
What’s the pour: Paul Mas white and red
Cost: $6.50 (Canadian) if you’re in economy on flights in Canada and the US, free in business and first class and on international flights
Good to know: the gluten-free crackers and cheese are always the first thing to sell out on flights. Lock eyes with your flight attendant ASAP if you want them.

Porter Airlines
Ahh, Porter. Your delicious pre-take-off lattes and shortbread are complimented nicely by your in-flight (free!) beverage offerings. Get that expansion approved please…

Glass size: one, but generous
What’s the pour: Jackson-Triggs Black Reserve Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc/Cab Sauvignon. Good stuff.
Cost: free!
Good to know: the epic snack basket that comes around is stocked with nuts, cookies and Terra Chips. The perfect accompaniment to your beverage. Also there’s beer, and sometimes on a less busy flight you’ll get to “sample” both! Also they give you actual glasses, a nice touch.

Hawaiian Airlines
I’ve only flown them twice, but really enjoyed the service, snacks and complimentary wine. They also gave me two glasses of wine, which went nicely with the entire loaf of macadamia sweet bread I devoured on the flight back to California. It was a long flight. Don’t judge.

Glass size: one serving
What’s the pour: Red Tree Merlot and Chardonnay
Cost: free!
Good to know: if your flight’s in the morning you’ll get brunch with a delicious rum punch. Wine is only served on later flights. Also, macadamia all the things!

Have you enjoyed a good glass of wine in-flight? Share a comment below!

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