You’re Lookin’ Back, They’re Lookin’ Back – 2013

I bought a scratch map, finally.


Having now lost the sensation in my index finger (note: scratching a map with a dime is not the most effective use of your time. Also, small countries are a pain in the ass to clear off – only visit large ones, if you can, for this very purpose), I’ve got a visual reminder of the ground I’ve covered and places I still need to explore.

I think that’s a good way to end the year. 2013 wasn’t particularly bold in terms of my travel choices – I visited places I’d been to before – but I did significantly change one thing: for the most part, I travelled with people! This may seem a bit bonkers to be proud of, but for me this was a big milestone. I stopped planning every last detail and had great fun just lounging about with friends (and ample amounts of sangria, particularly on that trip to Montreal), I went on new adventures at home, got lots of fresh air and exercise, made some new friends and ate lots of good food.

My hopes of being a bigger fan of the city I call home didn’t exactly pan out – hat tip to the individual who dished out a “door prize” when I was riding home in the summer, and our incomparable mayor, Rob Ford. So I’ll continue to work on that for 2014. Other plans (I don’t like “resolutions”, because they’re just destined for failure. Planning or hoping to accomplish something is much more realistic, in my opinion):

  • Visit three new-to-me places, with at least one being a new country to scratch off my map
  • Write more. I developed a lot of writer’s block this year and rather than pushing myself to get through it I let it slide. To channel my OAC Writer’s Craft teacher, “I neeeed…to write.”
  • Also, be more public with my writing. While I don’t necessarily know if I want to pursue getting something published, I at least need to be confident and share my stuff with others.
  • Read more. December was a good month for books and I, and that relationship needs to continue.
  • Take a photography class. With more work and dedication, I think I could actually be a reasonably decent photographer. I need to develop this skill.
  • Work less
  •  Start running regularly, and complete a 10K race by November
  • Go to more shows! Vampire Weekend was the only concert I went to this year, and I didn’t crack double digits with any other performances. Yikes.
  • Finish Breaking Bad. Double yikes.
  • Stop planning every last detail. I rented a bike for an afternoon in Venice Beach and spent several hours just coasting along, helmet-free (so liberating, I’m sad to admit), soaking up sunshine and the salty smell of the waves. I had no plans, no destination in mind, and it. was. glorious. Planning is good sometimes, but not all the time.

Venice Beach

I should probably get that printed on a sign and fix it to my front door.

Happy 2014, friends. I hope the year is good to you.


2 thoughts on “You’re Lookin’ Back, They’re Lookin’ Back – 2013

  1. Happy New Year my good friend! Thought I would start of the new year by catching up on your posts as I hadn’t been on your blog for a few weeks!

    A few questions:
    1. Scratching a map with a dime…is this literal or figurative?
    2. Which 3 places would you like to travel to this year and when (if you don’t plan then you plan to fail! Although your last point was to plan less, so – if you don’t plan [a little] then you plan to fail [a little]).
    3. Any particular books on your list? I’m almost done Atwood’s ‘MaddAddam’ then about to tackle the Game of Thrones set.
    4. I’d like to start watching Breaking Bad but one of my New Year’s ‘plans’ is to watch less TV, so…

    OOO-RAH to 2014! It’s gonna be a good one 😀

    1. 1. Literally. I literally scratched off a map with a dime. If you’ve ever scratched a lottery ticket with a dime you’ll know why this was a terrible idea!
      2. I’m hoping to do Peru! I’d also like to go somewhere new in Europe, or even somewhere new in Canada. I do need to plan for this one 🙂
      3. Apart from my book club selections, I’ve got a few kicking around that I’d like to dedicate time to. I just bought Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, so that’s the first on my list.
      4. It’s sooo good! I need to plow through the rest of the episodes. I pledged to watch less TV last year and have instead been watching entire series once they’re done. So…I think I’m just watching more efficiently??

      Thanks as always for commenting – I appreciate it!

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