In the City: Paddle Boarding

Let me tell you about a wee adventure. Filled with determination, large amounts of core strength, and a crafty fish that nearly torpedoed me.

With that narrative hook (get it, fish? hook?) out of the way, I went paddle boarding recently to capitalize on the still-warm weather (so long, summer!). Truthfully, it was also to finally make good on a promise I’d made myself that I would give another water boarding sport a try, as my previous attempts did not go so smoothly.

So there I was, on a warm Sunday night, struggling to maintain my balance in a sitting position on a very unstable board. I took on a lot of water initially, before finally convincing myself to ease the pain in my shins and raise my centre of gravity to a standing position. Remarkably, I stood on the FIRST TRY. And I held on to my paddle in the process!

Photo courtesy of Osha Paddle Boarding & Yoga
Photo courtesy of Osha Paddle Boarding & Yoga

We gently coasted parallel to the shoreline, coasting past ducks, swans and a heron as the sun cast streaks of pink across the sky. It was an incredibly calming experience despite the aforemetioned muscle tension. I glided along inside the breakwall as my classmates braved the rougher waves beyond it, humming to myself (I did give the waves a go, but almost immediately yelled RETREAT!). And as I hummed a little Destiny’s Child Survivor (only the Kelly and Michelle parts, for I am no Beyonce), I failed to notice the shadow motoring towards me in the water. I happened to take a hand off my oar to adjust my glasses and cast a glance downwards to notice that I was about to be shot dead out of the water by a giant fish, and immediately started to wobble. Thankfully, it was more startled by the concept of me crashing down on it and kicked it out of there. Crisis averted.

All in all, it was a great experience. Hat tip to Osha Paddle Boarding & Yoga for the fun time!


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