In the City – Tam-Tams


What: A weekly gathering of drummers, dancers and curious onlookers jamming away in a park
Where: By the George-Étienne Cartier Monument in Mount Royal Park, Montreal
When: Every Sunday from noon to sunset, May 5 to September 29
Good Stuff to Know: It’s free! Also fairly accessible by transit – from Mont-Royal Metro hop on the 11  bus west until Parc and Rachel. Then, follow your ears – you can’t miss the drumming.

The Scene: Pack your Birks and check your worries at the door – the vibe here is relaaaaxed, yo. Started in 1978 and now one of the most popular activities in the city, the Tam-Tams are not to be missed. On a warm August afternoon I watched hundreds of sweaty and happy people – some young, some old, some friends and some strangers – all groove away to the rhythmic beats of bongos and various percussion instruments. Families sprawl out on blankets with picnics, friends socialize over cold beers and wine, vendors display various crafts – there’s a little something for everyone. Pack some sunscreen and water and whatever else floats your boat, and enjoy.


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