Travel Quote for the Day

On my list

As a massive fan of to-do lists, I just love this one!

What’s on your list?


2 thoughts on “Travel Quote for the Day

  1. To Do:

    1. Make some more vegan brownies
    2. Eat said brownies
    3. Turn 30
    4. Travel somewhere cheap and cheesy for my 30th (e.g. Vegas or Florida)
    5. Pay off student debt
    6. Make kale chips for the first time
    7. Travel somewhere with my best pal (that’s you, and I’m thinking Seattle or Cali)
    8. Start drinking “the juice” (as in vegetables)
    9. Buy a juicer so I can accomplish #8 on my To Do list
    10………….and the list goes on!

    p.s. “Cheap and Cheesy” could be a future blog post of yours – go ahead and throw class out the window. Just sayin’


    1. I must be hungry, I thought you were saying I should write a blog post about cheese!

      Did you know that the world’s biggest chocolate fountain is in Vegas? It’s at the Bellagio! I’d say that alone makes it worth going for. Plus Vegas is a lot of fun!

      I love this list. You’ve inspired me to write my own, which will also contain #7. And #1 and #2, obviously!

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