Dachshund UN

Wiener dogs on a diplomatic mission.

The premise was simple enough. Dogs + diplomacy = guaranteed crowd pleasure. And it was. Dachshund UN made its Canadian debut in Toronto on February 28, and I was fortunate enough to check it out along with what seemed like half the city on a chilly Sunday afternoon recently. A performance art installation created by Australian Bennett Miller, it used 36 specially selected dachshunds and their people to create a replica of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Much like the actual UN, some delegates grew restless and moseyed on over to see what was going on with neighbour nations. In occasional blink-and-you’d-miss-it moments, some were replaced with more energetic versions. Others, like Bolivia, were just so happy to be there and couldn’t hide their enthusiasm.

If you have a chance to see the performance if it travels near you, it’s a must-visit.

IMG_2420 IMG_2416


5 thoughts on “Dachshund UN

  1. Watching a roomful of wiener dogs is sincerely my idea of a bumpin’ night out but is it just watching the dogs to see what they do or is there a scripted performace that goes along with it? And is the use of the wiener dog a compliment or insult to the UN? Or maybe it’s neutral?
    The message behind this kind of art tends to be lost on me…

    1. It was literally watching dogs to see what they’d do! Their handlers were tucked underneath giving them treats and ensuring that they didn’t wander off, and occasionally they’d swap a dog out if they were getting restless. It’s funny, I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out what the “message” behind it could be and then decided to just enjoy it at face value and laugh at the zaniness of it all!

      1. That’s so awesome I love that!! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Labs or Golden Retrievers were used :o)

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