Things I Love About Toronto

Lately I have had a huge hate-on for Toronto.

Like, HUGE.

I won’t get into the specifics as to why this hate-ball has developed, but instead have decided to jot down random things that I LOVE about the city. Whether it be nice things that I witness, a favourite hang-out, the awesomeness of getting a string of green lights in a row when biking, etc., they’ll be good stuff. And will hopefully turn my Toronto frown upside down.

So, without further ado – things I love about Toronto! In no particular order. I’ll keep posting whenever something strikes my fancy. First up:

When Dundas West Smells Amazing in the Morning

There’s a stretch of Dundas West on my bike commute that smells just fantastic. You pass Gladstone and catch a whiff of the Cadbury’s factory, and then it smells like pancakes and/or bacon. I can’t figure out the source as there aren’t any breakfast places around there that I can see, but you ride that wave all the wave to Ossington. Thank you, eater of daily pancakes, whomever you are. You make my mornings better.


2 thoughts on “Things I Love About Toronto

  1. Hey! Not sure if you knew this but I don’t think this entire post is showing up. I can only see the first thing you enjoy about Toronto. I want to know what the rest are!

  2. Oh! You know what? I didn’t realize this. I was intending to release them one at a time, when they came to me. Formatting them this way does make it look cut-off, though. Thanks for the head’s up!

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