Taking Back the Streets at Kensington Market

“By hosting a Pedestrian Sunday, a community takes back their common space and celebrates a day of cleaner air.”

This is the simple premise behind the increasingly popular Pedestrian Sundays held in Toronto’s Kensington Market. Despite being a semi-regular visitor to the market, I have never been to one of these events because I always thought:

  • Egads, it will be busy!
  • I won’t be interested in what’s going on.

But then I had a coffee outside, in the warm sun, and all negative thoughts disappeared. Marvellous things happen when sunshine and caffeine surge through your veins, I tell you. So I got on my bike and peddled over to check it out.

Much like the Porch View Dances I checked out last Sunday (hit up my pal Fahad’s blog as he was gracious enough to post my recap there), there’s something pretty amazing about seeing people take back their neighbourhood streets. Without fear of being plowed down by traffic, you can linger a little longer listening to a band. You can sample the amazing variety of ethnic foods represented in the market and wander at a leisurely pace. You can gawk in pure disbelief at capoeira and initially think to yourself “Oh, I could SO do this!”

And then realize when they so effortlessly flip through the air that no, you most certainly could NOT do this.

While it lived up to my “Egads, it will be busy!” expectations, it was a lot of fun to check out, and was a true celebration of community, culture, and the environment. The last one for 2012 will be held on Sunday, September 30 from 12-7 p.m. – so go!

Hopefully the giant Scrabble game will still be there.


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