NYC in Photos

I went to NYC recently for a long weekend. Here’s a sample of the adventures I had.

Met Matt Lauer. I hear there’s a potential opening at the Today Show. Put in a good word for myself.

After much wandering and finally consulting a hot dog vendor, found the MoMA. Free Fridays are awesome!

Blinded by the lights.

@ Top of the Rock. Well-worth combining it with an NBC tour. NYC’s hydro bills must be astronomical.

Strawberry fields forever. Also forever – the crowds of people trying to snap photos. Brace yourselves.

The High Line. Highlight of NYC, and a must-visit.

I loved this. Not sure whether it was art or an ad for something?

Designated bike lanes and pedestrian spaces. Heavenly!

Making the pilgrimage to Brooklyn with millions of others (perhaps a slight exaggeration). Thank you Brooklyn for your awesome pizza, bourbon and sweet views.

Other things that were fabulous:

  • Dinner at Josie’s. Fresh, simple food, excellent wine list, casual atmosphere, fun times with friends. I’m still dreaming about the sweet potato/squash dip we had as a starter. Mmmmm.
  • Staten Island Ferry. It’s free, it’s fast, and it offers magnificent views of the city skyline and a close-up of lady Liberty. And it’s free!
  • 9/11 Memorial. Reserving in advance will help shorten the wait time, although it did move fairly quickly. The memorial is really well-done and quite moving. Check it out.
NYC. I ❤ you.


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