The Completely Unrelated Sunday Seven

I didn’t write a Sunday Seven. Again.

I sat down with the intentions of doing it, but instead came up with a mental list of seven things I wanted to do instead of writing a blog. And then I went and did those instead.

7. Closet Purge
The warmer weather inspired me to pull out my summer clothes and pack away my winter ones. Coincidentally enough, the temperatures dropped again and I had to scramble to find layers to bundle up in this week. And I also discovered that the leopard print potato sack I had made in Vietnam didn’t wander off…and it still doesn’t fit.

6. Baked!
I have a freezer full of bananas and am going bananas over what to do with them. I baked muffins…deliciousness.

5. Sunday Soups
My freezer, in addition to all the bananas, is slowly being taken over by all the soups I’m making and individually freezing for lunch. I also attempting to make a green curry which was just awful and I don’t want to talk about it.

4. Napped
The antibiotics I’m on are crrraazzzy. I haven’t slept much in the past five days due to the loopy dreams I keep having, so a nap was necessary as I was destroying the kitchen and pretty much any room I went in.

3. Attempted a Run
It was not a good attempt.

2. Finished my Travel Writing Course
Thank goodness. That course has been kind of draining and is one of the reasons why I really couldn’t stomach the idea of writing something else travel-related for a bit.

Hat tip to for the image

1.  Went to the Movies 
I almost cried from laughing so hard at 21 Jump Street. Particularly the scene above. There will be lineups for Hunger Games for weeks, go see this instead.

Next week I’ll get my blogging groove back.


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