I forgot to write a Sunday Seven for this week.

  • I’ve been busy?
  • The Oscars went real late last night
  • I’m back in school and there’s a lot of homework involved?
  • Uh, it’s my birthday? (it is, actually)

I present to you this in the hopes that you overlook me missing a week:


3 thoughts on “Crud!

  1. What do you mean you are back in school? Tell me more.

    Hope you had a good b’day. I assume you got the e-card.

    Auntie Sue

  2. I’m taking a travel writing class which has been keeping me busy but is thankfully almost finished.

    I actually didn’t get the card myself, but Mum forwarded it to me – thank you! I’m sorry I didn’t send you a note sooner. Crud again.

  3. Don’t worry about it – as long as you got it. The class sounds exciting and right up your alley. Cudos to you.

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