Travel Side Effects

One of the most pleasant side effects of travel for me has been the injection of flavour I now have in my cooking! Given my English background and a pretty sensitive stomach, my meals have generally been on the mild side. More blunt folks would say “bland”. But since getting back into a regular routine I’ve found myself researching new meal ideas and being a bit bolder with my spice usage.

I’ve been fighting (now unsuccessfully) a cold all week, and a spicy Thai-influenced sweet potato coconut soup did just the trick to clear my sinuses! Hot sauce, curry paste and lots of herbs and spices now line my pantry. So thanks world (kudos especially to SE Asia and France) for opening my eyes and stomach to new possibilities!

What countries do you enjoy visiting for their cuisine?


2 thoughts on “Travel Side Effects

  1. Hong Kong has very tasty chinese food… it actually is different from the food in China itself. I love love love Indian food and the spices, especially the South Indian Ghee Dosas. And Spanish tapas are just marvelous, the bravas and montaditos!
    Food is such an important aspect when one travels right?

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