Best of Tripping ‘Round the World – 7 Links

After six months of blogging, here’s a look back at 7 of my favourite posts from my Tripping ‘Round the World blog.

I was recently nominated by Brock of Backpack With Brock (thanks buddy!) to participate in the My 7 Links project sponsored by TripBase. The purpose is to identify seven posts that belong to each of the categories listed below, and then nominate other blogs to do the same. Neat idea! To be honest I haven’t spent a ton of time trolling through my stats due to lack of time or pretty shiny things to look at when I’m travelling. So it was a lot of fun to discover posts that got a lot of loving, and kind of interesting to see the ones that didn’t (nothing like some cold, hard numbers to remind yourself that at times you are not that funny). Anywho, let’s go!

Categories and My 7 Posts

  1. Your Most Beautiful Post
    One of my top experiences out of all my travels, and the source of some of my favourite photos. Compared to some of the zanier things I’d done, volunteering at an elephant sanctuary was a heart-warming (not to mention calmer) experience. It was also one of the first times that I’d actually felt completely at peace with travelling. I didn’t spend a second thinking about whether at that moment my stuff was being looted back at the guesthouse I was staying at, or worry about how I was going to get to the airport tomorrow. I just watched elephants being elephants in their natural habitat and soaked up the experience, the true essence of travelling.
  2. Your Most Popular Post
    The Ultimate Test 
    Perhaps I’m not surprised that people enjoy reading about the misery of others. Just kidding. Although despite the anguish that travelling through multiple countries with a crazy senior gave me, it’s comforting to know that so many people found this amusing and were able to see the humour in it that I see now.
  3. Your Most Controversial Post
    Stuffing Tourists Into the Cu-Chi Tunnels 
    This isn’t overly controversial, per say, and I don’t think any of my posts really are in the grand scheme of things. But this was one of the few that I had reservations about posting, mainly because it was pretty blatantly making fun of a bad situation happening to someone else (getting stuck in a tunnel). She got over it, though, and laughed about it later – so that makes it okay, right?
  4. Your Most Helpful Post
    Solo Female Travels – It Ain’t So Scary! 
    I didn’t meet a lot of women travelling on their own and still find that there’s some resistance by many to the idea. A lot of my tip posts have been done with more than a fair dose of humour, so this was one of the first where I stuck with straight-up advice. I got great feedback about how helpful yet simple the ideas were. Hurray!
  5. A Post Whose Success Surprised You
    A tie between A New, Exciting Take on the History of New Zealand and Keeping My Shape (Somewhat) in Shape 
    Both of these are tied as my second most-popular posts. It amuses me that so many people enjoyed me taking major liberties with the history of New Zealand (MAJOR liberties, thanks to long travel days and no sleep), and also apparently liked my adventures with baked goods and epic coastal walks in Sydney. I don’t consider either of these are my “best” works but glad to see they could hopefully bring a laugh or two.
  6. A Post You Feel Didn’t Get The Attention it Deserved
    When Bad Things Happen to Good Cows
    So when I referenced above that looking through stats reminded me that I am in fact not as hilarious as I think I am, this was one of the posts that did it. When I watched these two guys in a cow costume lumbering across a pitch while getting pelted in the nuts with soccer balls, I thought I might actually die of laughter. I remember thinking “this will be hilarious for the blog!”. Apparently it wasn’t, because it only got about 35 hits. Am I a real-life version of Homer J. laughing at Hans Moleman getting hit with a football?
  7. The Post You Are Most Proud Of
    Doing Fine in Christchurch
    I mulled over this one a bit. There are many posts that I am proud of, detailing things that I did that I felt really challenge myself. But I really liked my post about Christchurch post-quake, as I have never experienced such kindness from strangers. Kiwis really are some of the nicest people in the world, I think, and had the situation happened to me somewhere else I don’t think I would have gotten through it as unscathed as I did. It was absolutely the saddest post that I’ve had to write in terms of content, but the happiest because I had been disconnected from friends and family and was seriously happy that I didn’t have a complete meltdown in the process.

Passing the Torch

Dear Krissy  – I’d love to know your “best of’s” for Vine, Wine & Wander ! If I had done this a month ago when Brock nominated me, I may have been able to nominate four other travel blogs I really love, but I got beaten to the punch. Oops.

What do you think? Did I miss any? Leave your comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Best of Tripping ‘Round the World – 7 Links

  1. In the words of Barney Stinson, challenge accepted! Thanks for passig the torch my way, sounds fun! I loved reading yours and remembering all the posts. What a grand adventure it was to follow along on your trip!

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