Zut, Paris!

“Quit while you’re ahead”, or “life doesn’t get any better than this” are mantras that have frequently popped into my little head during my travels. Sometimes you just realize that you shouldn’t go any further because you’ve tapped out how good it’ll get, and it’s been a useful way to teach myself how to stop and just appreciate things at that moment.

However, sometimes you think that the good times will continue to roll, which unfortunately was NOT the case for our final full day in Paris.

We were spoiled rotten by the previous day’s events. We woke up with such a smug sense of security over how our day would turn out, and on paper it seemed like it would be awesome – visits to the Louvre, Monet museum and Arc de Triomphe, how could it go wrong?

It started out okay. It was another beautiful day, the line for the Louvre moved surprisingly quickly, and there were only about a million school groups and tourists in there. We came up with our plan of attack (which is a must-do when visiting a joint of this size – you could spend days in there exploring all of the collections) and set forth.

First tip-off that things were going to be bumpy – this guy:

We didn’t appreciate the irony of someone stabbing themselves in the eye until we’d completed our tour of the Louvre several hours later. Now we know. The Louvre is MASSIVE. You may think you can just whizz past everything and just see a few selected pieces but the design of the place ensures that, oh no, you can’t. You are in there for life, going upstairs, downstairs, suddenly gaining or losing a floor and not realizing it, accidentally leaving the museum etc. etc. It’s a full-day affair.

Some of my favourites included:

Gummi Venus

Psyche and Cupid

My favourite, although I don’t know what it’s called!

Napoleon’s Apartments – count the chandeliers, I don’t think it’s opulent enough

We dragged ourselves from the Louvre over to the Musée Marmottan Monet, and enjoyed the lovely walk through a park with leafy trees. Megan was quite excited about this museum, and I was excited to see another quaint former-house-turned museum, especially after the bonanza that was the Louvre.

Unfortunately, what we hadn’t investigated were the hours of operation.

And of course, it was closed that day.

Nevermind, pick up the pieces, let’s move on, let’s go stand by the Arc de Triomphe and gawk at it!

It would’ve been great if I hadn’t, with such gung-ho enthusiasm, marched off the Metro several kilomentres too early for the Arc. Zut. And by this point, we were too knackered and fed up that we admitted defeat and went back to our adorable apartment, where we purchased wine and chocolate and drowned our sorrows.

Thus concluded our Parisian adventure. It really wasn’t the worst last-day-ever, I mean I WAS IN PARIS. I could’ve been crapped on by a bird, hit in the face with a baguette or pick-pocketed and I think I still would’ve shrugged it off and continued on. Paris has been one of my favourite cities that I’ve visited, and I can’t wait to go back and find the damn Arc de Triomphe one day.


2 thoughts on “Zut, Paris!

  1. I am so happy for you that you got to see Napoleon’s chambers. Those rooms were more impressive than Versailles! I put in two days worth at the Louvre and I still didn’t see it all. It’s massive! And even the lesser art is beautiful.
    And hey, chocolate and wine are pretty sweet ways to cap-off the travels. Yay for food!

    1. I loved them. So gorgeous and fancy. I think two days at the Louvre would have been ideal – we blew through two galleries and the apartments in just a few hours, which was quite crazy. There’s just so much there!

      And chocolate and wine are two of my favourite things, so no complaints here!

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