No Food for You, Part Deux

So you may recall Megan’s failed attempts to buy a bottle of water by the Eiffel Tower. We had a good laugh over it, but figured it was a one-time only kind of deal.


We went to a charming restaurant after inadvertently crashing Sunday Mass at Notre Dame, and excitedly looked through the menu. Megan was intrigued by this:

Specifically, the “Fish of the market”. Little did we know that “asking the water” would have been more helpful. We placed our orders – I liked the sounds of stuffed peppers with saffron, and Megan went for the fish. We ordered a cheese platter to start.

Time passed, and our waiter returned and asked what I was eating since “she’s having the cheese” – I repeated my order, emphasizing the “shared” part on the platter. More time passed, and with my birds-eye view of the kitchen I could see our waiter sit on the counter in the kitchen eating a Big Mac, chatting on his cell phone, taking a smoke break, etc. Eventually I got the wine and my entree, and Megan got…cheese.

The fish never came. Perhaps they were out, perhaps the guy forgot, perhaps our attempts at ordering in French ticked him off. The best part was when he revealed he was from Montreal (!) and spoke perfect English, so I think perhaps it was a combo of all of the aforementioned reasons that Megan once again couldn’t get what she wanted in Paris.

Personally I think if she’d ordered the dapper-sounding “Salmon in housecoat” she would have been better off.


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