A Piece o’ Pisa

As I write this, I’m sitting on a high-speed train, staring at the Tuscan countryside on one side and the Mediterranean on the other while sipping a Peroni. I’m going to have to take up drinking on the GO train when I’m home, and perhaps tape some photos of mountains to the windows to cheer myself up. Life really doesn’t get any better.

It’s quite miraculous that I have this Peroni. Two Germans practically cleaned the stand dry of beer and chianti and had a heck of a party on the platform as we waited for the delayed train. Needless to say, the shopkeeper had a good afternoon.

At any rate, today Megan and I took a sidetrip to Pisa on our way north to Genoa – more on that in a second. Pisa, in my opinion, is a good side-trip kind of place as it was only an hour train ride from Florence and there are SIGNIFICANTLY more things to do in Florence than spend an hour or two creating what you think are hilarious photos of you holding up the Leaning Tower.

But let’s be real – they are hilarious photos:

High-five Pisa fail

Hurray we figured out the self-timer!

Too cool for holding-up-Pisa-shots

One of the things that I have learned on this trip is the ability to be more flexible. I like planning things out and having a clear itinerary of what I’m doing – I do this in my day-to-day life with to-do lists and blocking out sections of time for tasks. On weekends I sometimes used to pencil in naps. I am a BIT ridiculous. At any rate, our original plans post-Florence had consisted of a few days in the beautiful Cinque Terre region, but due to train schedules that weren’t exactly accommodating (plus looming strikes and delays) we decided to sadly axe it from the trip and go to Genova and Nice, France instead. Sad, but I’m rolling with it as there’s not much we can do about it (and really, it’s not like Nice is anything to mope about).

So, what’s in Genova?

I’ll let you know. I think there’s an aquarium, and apparently an area we should avoid due to “odours”. It can’t be any worse than Naples, which is our benchmark for everything at this point. Go Naples.


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