Roman Holiday

After much anticipation, I made it to Rome!

Things I had planned on doing in Rome included:

  • Eating copious amounts of gelato – check
  • Eating copious amounts of pasta – check
  • Drinking copious amounts of red vino – check check
  • And sight-seeing and soaking up history – because surprisingly, I’m not only interested in food and drink
Arriving in Rome also meant two other things – that I’m nearing the end of my journey, but also that I would be joined for the remainder of the trip by my good pal Megan! And so began our whirlwind trip around Italy.
We spent five days in Rome, for it wasn’t built in a day after all and was deserving of several days of exploration. Our first stop was the Colosseum, shown above. This thing is MASSIVE. It could hold 50,000 spectators, most of whom were there for the original wrestlers – gladiators. Except there was no grand showboating, fake tans or flashy catchphrases here (although there could have been, who knows) – these guys fought for survival and the adoration of fans. It was also used for mock sea battles, executions and some pretty brutal animal hunts. So next time you think video games are violent – just remember the Romans and their taste for blood and carnage.
The next day we wandered, discovering (sometimes totally by accident):
The Trevi Fountain (the first of many fountains)
The Spanish Steps
Tiny cars
The Vatican
And the Pantheon (not really shown here: the Pantheon)
The food, I must admit, has been just so-so thus far (although the wine has been delicious), however this could also be due to the fact that I am absolutely knackered by the time we eat as we’re walking insane amounts each day!
In the next post – read about our adventures in the Vatican and Vatican Museum!

5 thoughts on “Roman Holiday

  1. I remember the food in Rome being so-so too. I was only there one day, and went the same places as you, and always wondered if there was better food hiding away from the big tourist attractions. So awesome you have a few days there…happy eating and exploring!

  2. Does it sometimes seem surreal to see these iconic creations in real life?! We’ve seen the Colosseum and the Vatican HUNDREDS of times in pictures and in movies but then you see it in real life and it’s like hey! it actually does exist!!! Soon you’ll be standing near, under, upon the Eiffel Tower!!

    You and Megan enjoy the last few days!

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