Planes, Trains and Automobiles

I’ve now spent a lot of time travelling around via different modes of transportation. When planning a trip, it’s a good thing to think about your budget, timeframe, and the experience you’d like to have while in transit before selecting your options. My thoughts on each:

Planes – Obviously the fastest and easiest way to get from point A to point B.


  • Someone handles your luggage for you
  • There’s a good chance instructions are going to be given in English in addition to the local languages
  • You don’t have to worry about missing your stop, as someone will order you off the plane!


  • Unless you’re flying first- or business-class (lucky you), it’s a bit cramped when a flight of more than a few hours is involved
  • Odds are high you will inevitably get stuck beside a crying baby
  • Enormous carbon footprint
  • Cost
  • Miss the “vibe” of a place when you’re flying at 33,000 feet

Trains – A great way to see the scenery of a country.


  • Can sit and watch the world go by
  • A fast way to travel if you’re afraid of flying
  • Price (at times)


  • Instructions may not be in English
  • High probability of missing your stop (personal experience)
  • Long travel times
  • Feeling like you’re in a washing machine if you’re on a sleeper train

Automobiles (Rental Car) – Freedom and independence to do what you want.


  • No fixed itinerary. Want to change your plans last-minute and take a different route? Go for it!
  • No hauling around your luggage
  • Cost-effective if split between a group of people


  • Not cost-effective if split between one person. Especially in countries where gas is pricey! (which let’s face it, is everywhere)
  • Miss out on scenery when you’re too busy trying to figure out how to navigate a roundabout
  • Long drives can be tiring

Automobiles (Bus) – Let’s get thrifty!


  • It’s cheap!
  • Mingle with locals
  • Long bus rides are great times to catch up on sleep


  •  Mingle with locals who bring local delicacies on board to eat
  • Long bus rides. No bathrooms.
  • Spend a large portion of your trip time travelling between destinations

There are obviously perks and negatives to each form of transportation. So, what’s your favourite way to travel?


4 thoughts on “Planes, Trains and Automobiles

  1. You forgot about marine travel! You were on a boat quite a bit in Laos and Cambodia right??!

    I enjoy the train because you can see more of the landscape and not have to worry about where you’re going. If I go to England I will make sure I take a train through the country side!

    1. Oops, I did forget all about the boats! Perhaps I was blocking it out a bit!

      I like the train too, but only when I’ve got someone else with me – A) to watch my stuff so I can use the loo and walk about and B)to help decipher foreign instructions! And for the company for the long journey, of course.

  2. I like wandering Wanda an awful lot. I can eat in her, sleep in her and drive her from point a to b. Gas is going down, thank god! And she carries all my stuff for me. Wanda for the win for us. I think in Europe trains were also my fave.

    1. I like Europe trains once I’ve figured out the complex schedules and have successfully reached my destination! Until then…bit of a gong show.

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