Tintagel Castle

After weeks of gloating about how great the weather’s been in the UK, Mother Nature reached down from the sky to give me a cheeky slap.
It finally rained.

Not a lot, mind you, and I think it actually enhanced the location of that photo (more on this in a second). However the one day that we decided to do a proper road trip and go to Cornwall (known for its beaches, amongst other things), the thermometer dipped a bit lower than we were comfortably used to. I am wearing three shirts, a scarf and a rain jacket in the photo.

It was, however, the weather that I’d been expecting. This is England, land of perpetual fog, rain, and damp weather. Crisp blue skies and warm sunshine have been messing with my head!

And so, Cornwall. About a two hour drive (as you can’t go through the moors, much to my poor Dad’s relief), we arrived in Port Isaac, which is where the show Doc Martin is filmed.

For those of you who previously thought Doc Martin was a brand of shoes, join the club.

At any rate, Port Isaac is a charming and picturesque little fishing village on the Atlantic Coast. We popped in for lunch (Dad had a Cornish Pasty, Mum and I delicious sandwiches) and a coffee and sat along the seawall during low tide, breathing in the delicious salt air.

Darker clouds began to roll in as we made our way further north up the coast to Tintagel, which perfectly suited the setting as we trudged up the hill towards Tintagel Castle.

Steeped in legend and mystery, the Castle is thought to be the birthplace of King Arthur (oooo). When peering out through the ruins, you can also spy Merlin’s Cave (another one now – ooooo). And it’s old, with a history stretching back as far as the Romans, so you know it’s an important and cool place to visit.

Which is was, but man was it ever windy. I really felt at times like I was going to blow off the top of the cliff, and the steps leading to and from the ruins were quite treacherous in the rainy conditions. But as I said, I don’t think the area would have given off the same mystical aura had it been a sunny and cheerful day – when an English castle’s involved, you just expect a bit of misery.


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