When Bad Things Happen to Good Cows

Following a morning/afternoon of fairly girly indulgences (and aforementioned Pimm’s) we spent Friday night at a local footie match between Torquay United FC and Chesterfield. It was a packed stadium of about 5,000 and an important game for Torquay, as a win would give them another shot at moving up to a higher division for next season.

The game ended in a nil-nil draw, but wasn’t without its moments of excitement and some pretty stellar football to boot. As it was quite packed we had to sit in the away supporters section and sat in front of some pretty rowdy Chesterfield fans but it was all in good fun.

The highlight for me, however, had nothing to do with the footie, but everything to do with the warm-up act – two poor people in a cow costume, trying to give away ice cream.

You’ll have to excuse the camera shaking as I was laughing hysterically. Hopefully you find it funny too…or else there’s something wrong with me.

Could go either way really.


4 thoughts on “When Bad Things Happen to Good Cows

  1. OMG! Just watched the video HILARIOUS!! But, why were they just walking back and forth?? I bet the two people in the costume were laughing as hard if not harder than you and your parents!!

    Take care!

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