Royal Wedding

I’m sure by now everyone is sick to death of hearing about the Royal Wedding, but I have to make three observations (and to clarify, I wasn’t actually in London during the ceremony. I did enjoy watching it on tv – or telly – whilst eating a full English breakfast and later with Pimm’s and scones and cream):

  1. What in the name of bacon were Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice wearing? Yes, it was Vivienne Westwood and Valentino and yes, Philip Treacy hats (although Beatrice may or may not have been a pretzel glued to her forehead, jury’s stll out), but my goodness those girls need a good stylist. Throwing on designer clothes just because you can doesn’t make you fashionable – you were wearing deep-fried dough and what appeared to be a poorly hemmed tablecloth. Slathering on eyeliner with a trowel doesn’t help either. Sisters can team up and play the well-dressed hotties card quite easily – a la the bride and maid of honour. Please take notes.
  2. And speaking of which, well played, Pippa Middleton, well played.
  3. This wedding was magical on so many fronts. The fact that they invited the nation (and the world) to celebrate with them was touching. That they were able to pull off something that still stayed true to their wishes was miraculous. But ultimately, and I think this is why so many people were enchanted by the celebration, the wedding joined together a monarchy that previously was viewed as slightly archaic and irrelevant with “the rest of us”. Hell, I’m not even English but I was pleased as punch watching Kate walk down the aisle with her father beaming with pride. A “commoner” marrying into royalty is the story of fairy tales passed down through generations. That they happened to have a long friendship and relationship prior to exchanging vows gives it a truly modern twist that everyone can shed a few tears over. I don’t know what was more moving – spotting the small glances that they shared throughout the ceremony, or the millions of people across the nation who unleashed a full-on British bonanza on their houses, towns and cities with Union Jack decorations. It really was a celebration for the entire nation, and I’m so happy that I happened to be around for it.


2 thoughts on “Royal Wedding

  1. I think Eugenie and Beatrice wore those god-awful outfits to piss of the Queen because their Mum (Fergie) wasn’t invited. The majority of hats and fascinators were incredible. Although Posh’s hat could have been used as a deadly weapon and in god’s name why doesn’t she smile. I mean look who she’s married to. What is wrong with that girl?

    1. I’m fairly certain mum and I said at least three times during the broadcast “why doesn’t she smile!?”. I did read that she wasn’t feeling well that day so perhaps that had something to do with it. Then again, she always looks a bit sour.

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