Touring Around in Devon

For the second half of our “tour-of-the-motherland”, my parents and I have been staying with my Nan in south Devon. The weather, although slowly creeping back to the chillier side of the thermometer, has been providing ample sunshine and a nice tan for my Dad. I am, of course, still pale. I think by the end of this trip I will in fact return to Canada even whiter than before I left. And as I’m coming back in June, I will be three shades lighter than the rest of you. Wonderful.

At any rate, Devon has lots to see and do, and we’ve been trying to cram in a lot of activities. Which include:

 Water sports

Band practice

Sight-seeing tours

Visiting small villages


Heavy lifting

Exploring old churches

And stalking wildlife in the moors

 One of the (numerous) things that I love about England is the fact that in a matter of an hour you can change your surroundings so dramatically. Here in Devon we’re a few minutes away from the English Riviera with palm trees and beaches, but also a few minutes away from Dartmoor National Park and the ruggedness of the moors. So should you be an indecisive traveller who can’t commit to just one type of scenery to see each day, this is the ideal place for you. You’ll also encounter a variety of delightful accents and nice, friendly folks.

And, seeing how I discuss various foods a lot and haven’t in a few posts, the ice cream, cheese and Devonshire cream teas are top-notch down here. Thumbs up Devon!


2 thoughts on “Touring Around in Devon

  1. What, no donkeys! Presumably you didn’t have time to visit the sanctuary before you left.
    We are staying with first cousin once removed Marion and Michael at their house in Congleton after our rainless holiday (we can’t remember ever having had one before).

    1. Sadly, no time for the donkeys. We covered just about everything else in Devon though, I think! Glad to hear the rain held off for your holiday – my dad will be pleased that his luck wore off on someone else!

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