Well I’ll be. Apparently I do have a large family after all.

Last weekend most of my mum’s side of the family trekked out to the home of (and hopefully I’ve got this right) my first-cousin-once-removed “Uncle” Peter and his lovely wife Jeanette for a family reunion. While I didn’t do a proper count, I think there were about 33 of us, ranging from first to third cousins, and two dogs.  As it’s been about 20 years since I’ve seen anyone on this side of the pond, it was great fun to catch up with people and we couldn’t have had better weather or a nicer location to do it in.

After spending much of the past three months in larger cities, it was beyond wonderful to spend some time in a quiet, peaceful location. Peter and Jeanette live in a lovely little village, and the day before the reunion they were kind enough to take us on a walk to explore the area. We encountered:

Friendly sheep

Horses (such as Stan here)

Quaint village houses

And the village pub. Not shown: drinking at the village pub.

The next day was the family bonanza. One of the dogs really enjoyed the country setting, taking repeated dips in the pond and insisting on showing anyone sporting white just how muddy she was. Peter came to the rescue with a watering jug.

The weekend was, ultimately, the perfect balance of relaxation in peace and quiet and a gigantic family-pa-looza, the likes of which I’ve never really seen before seeing how there are so few of us in Canada. Great to see all of you! Hopefully it won’t be another 20 years before we meet up again.


6 thoughts on “Family-pa-looza

  1. Awesome! I understand why you’re having such a great time. I’ve always wanted to visit the English country side and say hello to friendly sheep and Stan :o) I love that you include animals in the count for your family reunion!!

  2. Loved the family reunion pic – I was trying to see who’s who – got some, but don’t know all the little kids and I see Helen and Deryk peeking out so who took the photo? I see Brenda is in a wheelchair and boy does she look like Auntie Madge.

    1. One of the spouses! And the children are offspring off cousins…I definitely needed nametags to keep track! We’ve got some good photos that I’ll get mum (or I’ll) send you that show people a bit closer.

      1. hi Sam
        what a lovely time we all had and it was great to see everybody. we do not meet up as often as we should here in England even though we all live fairly close to each other. Hope you are enjoying your stay in the south.

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