London Calling

Hard to believe, but I’ve been in England (and more specifically, London) for a week! Time really has flown by. While I enjoyed my experiences in Asia immensely, I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t been overjoyed to head to the airport to make the journey here. And what a long journey that was:

  • A slightly-dodgy commuter flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, further aided by my cold
  • An overnight (six hour) layover in Bangkok that involved no sleep thanks to hard benches and Thai New Year celebrations (song-and-dance combos at 2 a.m. – seriously – and water fights IN THE AIRPORT)
  • A four-hour flight to New Delhi at 6 a.m., still with no sleep thanks to the raging heartburn I picked up from my curry breakfast, and the woman next to me poking me awake every few minutes to chat
  • A three-hour layover in New Delhi, most of which was spent essentially in a police line-up to identify my bag on the tarmac (one good reason to buy a bag that’s not black!). I spent the remainder of the time at McDonald’s due to it being the only restaurant in the airport that accepted US money (something to look into ahead of time – whether or not the airport you have a long stopover at has a weird rule prohibiting foreigners from changing money to local currency. I did not do this in advance.). P.S. McDonald’s in India has pretty good vegetarian offerings! And Coke (the soft drink, not otherwise) really was as sweet as I’d heard.
  • A nine-hour flight to London, where I realized I had packed my sedatives in my checked bag (blast) and my seatmate was a crafty old lady who was after my window seat

At any rate, it was a very long 24 hours. But after whipping through Heathrow customs and picking up my dirt-streaked backpack, I was reunited with my waiting parents who had come to pick me up (so yes, despite a fear of flying, my mum made it on the plane with the help of a few sedatives).

London is, without a question, the first city I’ve visited where I’ve actually thought, “I could live here in a second”. I love everything about it – the weather (granted, it’s been freakishly nice weather here – in the mid-20s each day with nothing but sunshine), the people, the sights, the delicious sandwiches and lunch offerings…I could go on. And will. In the next post!


2 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Glad to hear you finally made it to London – sounds like you had quite the adventurous flights! I’d like to hear more about the police line-up?! Take care, can’t wait for another post!

  2. HUGE laugh at the New Year celebrations in the airport and so happy you got to to try the McD’s in India. I’m not a fan of the chain, but in India – It ROCKS!! D and I ate it at least twice a day while in in Mumbai!

    Keep on Keepin’ On!

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