Made It!

Just a quick note, as I won’t have Internet for a few more days, that I made it to London. 18 hours of flying (with some stopovers, I’m not totally crazy). Three airports. A million timezones. But LONDON!

More importantly, my mum made it over too! So we’re having a jolly good time catching up with family (my dad’s side first this week, then my mum’s on the weekend, then my dad’s again) and a few friends. Weather is beautiful and the cheese is delicious.


5 thoughts on “Made It!

  1. Did your Dad have to give Mum some knock out pills to get her on the plane? Hope you guys have a great time and I’m sure I will hear all about it when they get back.

    1. She was (impressively) a-ok! I think she might have even enjoyed it a wee bit. We’re having a great time sightseeing with phenomenal weather, but may be “forced” to go shopping to buy more weather-appropriate clothing!

  2. Samantha – this is for your Mum. If when you go to Peter’s he takes you to the memorial woods for our mothers could you please place a flower for my Mum as it is her birthday tomorrow. Thank you! Love ya. Can’t wait to hear about everyone over there.

  3. Hi Samantha. I’m a co-worker of your dad’s. Glad to hear your parents made it there safe. Hi Derek. Have a wonderful time with your family.Looks like you are having better weather there than we are. Send Spring this way please! Enjoy!

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