What’d You Do Today? Vietnam Edition

Oh, nothing much, just toodled around on a bike and floated down a river in a basket boat with a little old Vietnamese man.

Same same, but different than your day?


6 thoughts on “What’d You Do Today? Vietnam Edition

  1. You look so comfie sitting there! Who is you boatmate? That pic is priceless. And have you seen any nasty snakes, spiders, etc. lately? Just asking.

    1. It was actually quite comfortable, when I wasn’t being knocked in the face with Mel’s oar (Mel’s one of the people in the group with me)!

      We saw a cockroach the other night and a pretty large rat, but otherwise have been blissfully bug-free!

      1. Well, if I were to craft a little ring for them to duke it out in, let’s just say I think it would be a fairly even match-up.

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