Happy Moments When Travelling

In addition to getting clothes tailor-made (more on that later), I also…

…got my laundry done!

There’s something slightly seedy, slightly hilarious about meeting a woman on a random corner, handing over all of your laundry and watching her pile it into a bike basket and ride off into the unknown. Being without any of my clothes for 24 hours was rather nerve-wracking as I didn’t even know where this woman came from or her name, but our group leader seemed to be okay with the whole thing so I went along with it. And lo and behold, there she was right on time, waiting with my 5 kg of clothes all neatly pressed and sorted by colour. Bless you, mystery woman, for using some sort of fabric softener too.


6 thoughts on “Happy Moments When Travelling

  1. Just like fresh sheets, nothing says comfort like clean clothes on the road, especially when you don’t have to wash them!

    1. Agreed! It was a nice treat not having to sit eagle-eyed watching the washer and dryer…waiting for backpackers to steal my socks. Also to have things actually cleaned. And cheaper than laundromats!

  2. Amazing, isn’t it? If you had handed over your laundry
    to someone here like you did – you could kiss it goodbye.
    Such a different attitude and very trusting. Can’t wait to get in to the office each day to see your latest blog. Well, actually I could wait to work but not to read your latest adventure. Loving every minute of it.

    1. Getting my laundry back was a bit like Christmas morning, especially when opening the bag and seeing all the clean goodies inside! This trip is certainly ensuring that I appreciate even the littlest things in life. Thanks for the kind words!

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