Shower Wars

So I flooded my hotel bathroom today. Granted, there’s only a teeny, tiny drain for the shower, and like many Asian showers it’s all one room – toilet, sink, shower all together. There was a curtain but really I think that was more for show than any useful purpose. But at any rate, without glasses, and without paying much attention, I failed to notice the water FLYING EVERYWHERE until I realized that I could go all Gene Kelly in there and by that point, it was too late.

I haven’t had too much trouble getting used to Asian toilets – the bucket thing makes sense, although the squat toilets do leave me initially puzzled if it’s early in the morning. But these showers! Man oh man. I’ve flooded at least three bathrooms now. The others dried out faster. But as this one looks again like it could be from The Shining, it took an appropriately long time to dry out.

Eventually I’ll get the hang of showering with what is essentially a hose, and I’ll figure out the writing on the dials (hot and cold seem to be interchangeable/non-existent in some places). Of course by that point I’ll probably be heading somewhere else!


One thought on “Shower Wars

  1. Hahaha! I thought it looked like a phone!
    Showers in Peru were the same. At least they had drains in the floor to the bathroom.
    And I’m the kind of person who gets annoyed when my brother steps on the bathroom rug BEFORE drying off in the tub. DRY FLOORS! DRY SOCKS!
    Keep up the tales!

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