On the Mend!

Hi all,

Just a quick note since I’ve been radio silent for a few days – I’m on the mend! I think I’m at about 90% today, in fact. Cutting back on my nothing-but-RItz-crackers-and-water-diet and eating proper meals, slowly but surely. Granted, I ate an entire pizza last night – but I was famooshed!

We’re heading to our final stop in Laos today – the capital, Vientienne. I still haven’t successfully been able to use an ATM, so fingers crossed I can get a bit of money out for one last day. Or, nuts to that and I’ll just wait for Vietnam tomorrow.

I promise a better, highly entertaining update about the NUTTINESS involved with rooming with an almost 80 year old. Let’s just say that we’re all being called the wrong name (and the same name – Pam), and I hear every morning (bright and early) about how the material of her clothes is too heavy, and she needs “two shirts, two skirts, and she’ll be set”.


Stay tuned.


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