Staying Vegetarian in Asia

I’m becoming convinced that it’s next to impossible, unless you eat at westernized joints. One of the lovely Brits on the tour is also a vegetarian, and she and I have been eating plate after plate of veggie fried rice, cashew tofu rice, veggies and rice, etc. I’ve been trying to turn a blind eye to the fact that there is likely something meaty in it because a gal needs to eat! Some days have been okay – we had a great home-cooked meal at a local Laotian family’s place the other night and the food was amazing, and clearly vegetarian.

Last night, however, I think we blatantly ate beef, despite being repeatedly told it was meat-free. No veggie broth looks like that one did. I don’t know whether it was due to the hot, hot heat yesterday, the ridiculous amount of exercise we did (aforementioned scary bike ride, walking everywhere, hiking up a mountain to see the sunset – more on that later), or the beefy dinner, but my stomach finally put its hands up and said “whoa, whoa, enough y’all” and revolted. Now it’s split down the middle in protest – one side wants to eat, the other wants to be a punching bag for the invisible goat kicking me in the side. It’s an interesting combo.

We leave Luang Prabang this morning and have an eight hour drive through the mountains to get to our next destination. In addition to finding a bank machine that will accept my card, I also hope to have a working, happy stomach and some meal options that don’t kill me!


One thought on “Staying Vegetarian in Asia

  1. Hey, I’ve had three worry-free days! Dad’s getting used to the new mellow me. So get yourself better pronto!
    love M & D

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