Other Adventures

Also, squat toilets and Asian showers are HILARIOUS. And by hilarious I am of course not meaning in an insulting-the-culture kind of way. I am referring instead to a comical misadventures kind of way. Particularly the showers, as I just had a bit of a disaster with a renegade shower head and a very wet bathroom as a result. My roommate, of course, slept through the entire thing, snoring.

p.s. I can’t believe that no one found my adventures in the hammock in Byron Bay to be amusing. That or you’re all secretly laughing at me!
p.p.s. Big thanks to Victoria for making the first donation for my Ride for Heart campaign! Please help out in any way you can!


9 thoughts on “Other Adventures

  1. I found the hammock debacle to be LOL funny BUT kinda sad since none of the snobby hippies stopped to help you. Shame on them.

    I enjoyed the shower/toilet fiasco – I’m curious as to what a ‘renegade showerhead’ is and would love a more detailed account of what happened!!!

  2. Oh, Sam. You and I can swap squat toilet stories when you get home. I expect you’ll see more of them on your Asian tour. I had many ‘incidents’ myself when I was in Taiwan.

  3. PS – Perhaps none of us commented on your hammock incident because we weren’t surprised in the least! Zing! 😉
    (Seriously though, awesome mental image. And oh so very ‘you’)

  4. Well, having seen you through your first hammock experience (age 4, camping at Sandbanks), I have to admit we weren’t really surprised either! Sorry …

  5. I laughed really hard because this could easily have happened to me and I would have wanted you to laugh. And yes, shame on those hippies for not helping!!

    1. K, I actually thought of you when I was swinging in there, as I felt if anyone else would do it, it would be you! You’ll be pleased to know that I ensured my beer was a safe distance away before trying to untangle myself.

      1. Hahaha, that’s my girl!!! I’m sure I’ll get stuck somewhere in a tent or van or hiking while travelling across Canada, then you can return the laughter. 😉

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