I Need Your Help!

Hi blog followers,

As many of you know, each year my dear ol’ Dad and I take part in the Ride for Heart, which supports the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I’ve decided not to let little things like being thousands of kilometres away and unable to train for the ride stop me, and have signed up to ride the 50km route on June 5th once again!

Now due to aforementioned things such as being thousands of kilometres away, I need the help of friends and family MORE than ever to help reach my fundraising goal of $1,000 – and am calling on you to help!

I know that 2011 is bringing big changes for many of you – new jobs, weddings, families, and new, exciting journeys. Making a donation may seem unrealistic for you. But perhaps you can skip a coffee or two this week, and make a donation of $5 or $10. Perhaps walk to work once the weather is nicer and save transit fare. Or maybe eat out a bit less this month – whatever small sacrifices you can make, I would greatly appreciate.

I definitely don’t want to turn my blog into a awkward fundraising commercial here, so I’ll keep it brief – I support the Heart and Stroke Foundation because heart disease and stroke impact us all. Plus the ride allows us to take our bikes out on the Don Valley Parkway, a major motorway in Toronto (in itself a rad experience!)

So please, if you’re enjoying this blog, if you like the idea of supporting a good cause, or if you like the idea of helping me raise more money than my Dad, make a donation and give me the mental push I need to succeed!

Donations can be made online here:

Big thanks,

Travellin’ Sam


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