Hippie Dippy

I am currently staying at what can only be described as a modern-day commune. An “arts lodge”. At any rate, this morning I had banana pancakes which were fantastically delicious. I gazed off to look at my surroundings, enjoying the sun, when a lizard climbed up on the table, cocked its head to the side, and STOLE the last piece of pancake off my fork.

More on this place later. I’m still bitter about the pancake!


3 thoughts on “Hippie Dippy

  1. Well, that shows you’re getting over your bug phobia when you’re more concerned about a pancake … oh wait, of course, what am I saying!

  2. Hah! I love it. From the sound of how much you’ve been enjoying your meals you should have wrestled that beast to the ground to get it back!

    1. I was just shocked, more than anything. As were the others sitting around me. Who steals a pancake off a fork? I mean really.

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