I Need Some Input…

I’m not sure whether to stick around in Sydney for an extra few days, or if I should venture further up the coast.

I have to be in Brisbane for my flight on the 13th, and have accommodations booked in Sydney until the 8th. I was thinking of perhaps just noodling around here until that point, but the novelty is starting to wear off and I’m feeling like I should explore something else.

However, perhaps I should also fight against that restlessness and do NOTHING but relax here.

I would like to see the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays, but perhaps another trip when I can dedicate enough time to them. Also they’re expensive.

I would also like to see Cairns, but there’s a potential for flooding.



3 thoughts on “I Need Some Input…

  1. Well, if there’s a potential for flooding you know my answer! You + one natural disaster was enough, thank you very much! But go forth and wander … just nowhere you’ll need hip waders.

  2. I just googled the whitsundays. You have to go! Think of it this way…you’ll be saving money once you get to Asia, so it’ll all even out in the end.

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