Speaking of Animals…

I’ve rented an apartment/room in a place in Bondi (Junction) for a week. It’s a nice, quiet neighbourhood, and about a 15 minute walk to the beach. I have two giant windows – neither of which have screens. Yesterday, I had a large wasp-like bug, some sort of beetle relative, and a spider. This morning when I came out of the shower, there was a parakeet. Sitting on the window sill, cocking its head to one side as if to say “sup?”

I stood frozen, as I thought sudden movements would escalate the situation very quickly. And given the panic I was in over a bug, I thought “yes, this could get much, much worse if I’m chasing a damn bird around the room.”

At any rate, it got bored and moved on to other windows. Who knows what unexpected roommates I’ll get tomorrow – but if a kangaroo drops by I’m leaving.


6 thoughts on “Speaking of Animals…

    1. If a kangaroo gets into my room! Not out in the wild where they’re supposed to hang out. That would be different.

  1. At least now when you see a “huge” spider in the bathroom here you can wave it off with “Pfftt, that’s nothing – you should have seen ….”

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