I’m waiting for my flight to Melbourne.

I slept on a stranger’s leopard print blanket in what no doubt looked like some bizarre bobsled uniform (hooded sweater tightly done up over face, sleep mask over top). I have to say, my sleeping bag is quickly becoming the most valued possession in my pack. Three cheers to that sleeping bag, too.

Flight leaves in an hour. I’M OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD! (of Oz)


5 thoughts on “THREE CHEERS!

  1. Hip Hip! (x3)

    You hug that koala tight when you get there. And a kangaroo. and a platypus. and a… are there any other cute animals in Oz? Other than the flying monkeys, obviously…

  2. Hurray! Yes a safe flight for sure, NO MORE excitment for a while! I’m happy to say I was there when you were trying to pick out your valued sleeping bag by literally crawling in them at MEC. Luckily the sales lady saved you by asking ‘Umm…do you need some help?’

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