22? 23?

Apparently when I return, I should be going to carnivals and fairs and exploiting the crap out of those “guess your age/weight” games. Most of the people I’m encountering are around 22-24, which seems to be the magical age to travel. As I’ve stopped wearing any make-up (not that I wore gobs before, but it must have aged me a few years) I’m getting a lot of “so, on summer break from school?” questions, which I could truthfully answer, “Well, yes, kind of”. It’s pretty hilarious to see people’s faces when they ask, “So how…old are you anyway?” and I respond that I’m about to turn 28 in a few weeks. They then think I’m lying, which tells me that I could be pulling in a few bucks off some unsuspecting carnival folk!


2 thoughts on “22? 23?

  1. Living my life vicariously through you Samantha and loving every minute of it. Wish I had the guts when I was younger to do what you are doing! Koodos to you. Keep up the great stories.

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