Making Friends.

Praise the day. I made a friend.

After lamenting to my mum yesterday that there are NO women travelling on their own, who should I plunk myself down next to on a bus but a woman travelling solo! It was very well-timed and comforting to hear someone else echoing the same concerns that I have had, and to meet someone who was not looking to turn her vacation into a booze cruise. SWEET RELIEF.

I’ve been a bit sporadic with blog posts (hence the five posted in one day the other day – so much for scheduling them to release periodically, WordPress), but I’m going to try to have a bit more regularity with these things. I’m just on a tea break before heading out for a hike around lovely Kaikoura (and a winery!), with a picnic packed and LOTS of sunscreen. This marks my first week here  – and although there have been some bumps and I’m still feeling a bit homesick, I think I’m moving onwards and upwards. Cheers friends – and thanks for reading thus far.


2 thoughts on “Making Friends.

  1. The winery was CLOSED. Bummer. Luckily I checked before making the trek out there. And, luckily there’s a liquor hut (essentially what it looks like) that is open from 8 a.m. onwards! Smart Kiwis.

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