The First 48 (72?)

It’s been a whirlwind few days. After flight delays, sketchy hotels and running through an airport on the hunt for a printer, I finally made my flight to Fiji. Seated, conveniently, in the first row behind business class (so staring at the elusive curtain that I will never cross), and also next to the most adorable baby. Who was also a HELLBEAST. Cried the entire 10 hour flight. So much for my sedatives.

As I had a lot of time on my hands, I began thinking about how you never see unruly children in business class. They’re always in economy. Perhaps this is because rich people understand that Fiji isn’t the place to take your 8-month old! But I was able to give some important updates to my French seatmates, including that Canada has 10 provinces instead of 3, and we do have some good wines. FRE301 came in handy!

Fiji itself was a bit disappointing, but that’s because I was inside the airport and it was pitch black out. Ironically Fiji water was even MORE expensive there than in T.O. But it was toasty warm and smelled good, and everyone was very friendly. I will be coming back to you, Fiji.

And that brings me to New Zealand! I arrived, jetlagged out of my mind and wearing 3 shirts. It was almost 30 degrees today and I got off in the completely wrong area, ended up trudging around Auckland with the equivalent of a house on my back, and arrived as a sweaty mess. I had no idea that Auckland was so hilly! Like San Francisco hilly! Holy bacon. I’m a bit disappointed at how overpriced my hotel is and am actually looking forward to my first proper hostel in a few days just so I can meet a few people . I also want to check that other people have enormous hair and it’s not something isolated to me.

So, things I’ve learned so far about Auckland (and subsequently New Zealand):

1. I really need to start remembering what side of the road people drive on. I’ve nearly been taken out THREE times, all at the same alley, due to looking the wrong way for traffic.

2. Food is expensive here. I need to find a market tomorrow.

3. Hair gel should have earned a spot in my toiletries bag. Mercy.

Onwards and upwards!


5 thoughts on “The First 48 (72?)

  1. You are off to a good start! Hard to believe you’re there and not here!

    Every baby should be given gravol before they fly. It is only considerate. No offense Moms! And, I am sure your hair is beautiful, as always! Plus, it’s minus 20 something here today, be thankful for that 30+!

  2. I wish you had a video camera so we could physically see where you are and what you’re experiencing! Thank goodness you have a descriptive vocabulary and are a great writer!

    Rule of thumb you should have learned in kindergarten: ALWAYS look BOTH ways BEFORE crossing the street!!! This should help you no matter what side of the road people drive on 😉

    Looking forward to your next post!

  3. “Holy bacon” and “Mercy” in the same post?! I can hardly handle it.
    Also, I don’t think vegetarians are allowed to say “Holy bacon”.

    Glad you’re settling into your global trek groove. Have some fun in the sun for me, will ya? So c-c-c-cold here!

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