First Lesson Learned the Hard Way

Print all your travel documents before leaving. As I’m a bonehead and forgot (twice!) to properly print my ticket from New Zealand to Australia, I just spent the last half hour frantically running around LAX trying to find a printer. Who’d have thunk that you’d need to show you were leaving a country in order to get into it? I’m glad I have proof of all my other flights. Anyway, luckily there’s a super-swank lounge that allowed me to print. Unfortunately, they charged me $15 for it, coincidentally the last US currency I had in my wallet. At least there’s peanuts here…

So lesson one – PRINT EVERYTHING. Or else plan on eating peanuts for dinner (literally).

Here I come, New Zealand!


2 thoughts on “First Lesson Learned the Hard Way

  1. Sam, knowing you as well as I do, I’m shocked that you didn’t print your ticket! Two days on the road and you’re already flying by the seat of your pants – atta girl!!! Plus, you like peanuts, right?!

    1. Dude, I was also shocked. But I did have my confirmation number which is usually all you need at the airport! I really had no clue I’d have to show that stuff ahead of time. Oops.

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