Things I Will NOT Miss

I had my first major meltdown regarding this trip the other day, and I’ve spent the past few days trying to recover from that and get myself back on track. I think (fingers crossed) I’ve finally picked up everything that I need. As a sidenote, backpacking is NOT the cheap method of travel that I had anticipated. I’ve had to buy everything! Luggage, clothes, shoes, assorted gear etc. I can just feel my suitcase snickering at me.

Anyway, thank goodness for my good pal Brock who gave me the advice I needed to hear. And to Sarah, for her well-timed and unsolicited email. And also, thanks to the 50-odd people who are reading this blog each day! Thanks mystery friends!

So as I sit here during the overhyped “snowmageddon” I thought I’d reflect on the things I WON’T miss while away from Toronto for four months:

1. Toronto

You’re not a bad city, T.O., but I’m getting a bit tired of your ego. I hate to break it to you, but you’re not the fancy-pants city you think you are – other cities have swooped in and stolen that from you. I’m sick of waiting 45 minutes for a streetcar (and paying for a one-way fare when I just want to run errands), tired of people whining about the weather (newsflash – Canada is cold! Other places have it worse!) and am just generally over you. Some time away will be good for us.

2. Commuting

This probably could be numero uno. MY GOODNESS commuting is horrendous. I will not miss getting up at the crack of dawn and waiting in the cold for a bus that may or may not show up on time, then waiting in the cold for a train that may or may not show up (at all), and needing to eat a second breakfast by the time I get to work since I’ve been up three hours. 15 hours a week in transit is soul-sucking.

This is really ironic considering my upcoming reliance on public transit as I travel, but at least I’m on vacation!

3. Evening Routines

This ties in with commuting, but planning my next-day outfit and making a lunch each night eats away at my evening! Although I will miss my lunch box. It’s pretty awesome.

4. Rushing Around

Again, this might be tough at times as I’ll be relying on public transit schedules but I won’t miss rushing around to get places. Making endless to-do lists to get everything done at work, and then making another one for the things I need to do with my evening. I’m not saying I want to turn into a lazy sloth here, but I’m looking forward to occasionally doing nothing – so much so I put it on my bucket list!

5. Sitting at my Desk All Day

I love my job, but I hate sitting at a desk. While I will miss flying off my exercise ball trying to answer the phone, I won’t miss the sense of dismay that hits me when I realize that I’ve been sitting still for four hours, hunched over. And scarfing food at my desk. Wake up legs, it’s time to get back into the swing of things!



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