I’m Going to Miss Things.

A popular question I’ve been asked in the last few days is “what will you miss?”

I’ve felt that my answers were kind of sub-par and obvious (friends and family! certain restaurants! etc) so I gave it some thought this weekend and came up with (hopefully) a better list. Normally lists seem to be a top 10 but I have a top 8 BECAUSE IT’S MY LIST. Here we go…

1. Friends and Family
(I know I just said this was an obvious answer, but OBVIOUSLY I had to make this my number 1. pick because otherwise I’d A) get in a lot of trouble and B)be lying because this is honestly what I will miss the most)

I live at home so get to see my family all the time. I’m fortunate enough to work with some of my best friends, and have remained in touch with many from various levels of education and stages in life. Four months is a long time to not see these people!

2. My Bed

Enough schmaltz. Let’s get real – four months of sleeping in bunk beds, couches, and planes, trains and other forms of transportation is looking less and less appealing each morning I leave my pile of blankets and fluffy pillows.

3. Wardrobe Options

I don’t think I’m a full-blown clotheshorse, but I do have several pairs of pants and a nice collection of cardigans (and flats, oh my flats). I’d be interested in taking bets on how long it’ll take before I get sick of the five pieces of clothing that I’m allowing myself to bring.

4. Cereal

I have a love affair with cereal. Not just at breakfast. It’s a suitable afternoon snack or dinner when home late. I used to have a bit of an issue with “stocking up” on boxes when there was a sale (there is photographic evidence documenting this that I refuse to share here). This will be a hard break-up.

5. Cooking/Baking

I’m not a pro-chef, but I make a few good things. I also don’t like eating out a lot. And I love baking! One of my biggest challenges is going to be maintaining my vegetarian lifestyle while on the road, and also finding ways to occasionally make my own grub.

6. Crap TV

Yes I watch E!. Yes I read and watch TMZ. Yes I have a journalism degree and should know better.

7. Hot Showers (and Showers Longer than Two Minutes)

This one doesn’t need much explanation. I like conditioner and body wash and a million other products that are totally unnecessary and result in me using way too much water. While I will miss hot/longer showers, this is a good habit to break. My apologies to my giant mess of hair in advance.

8. Birthday Cake

I’ll be away for my birthday, and while I don’t care about missing the presents I will miss the cake! I love cake, especially birthday cake because you get to share it with others. I won’t miss my sad attempts at blowing out candles and failing miserably.

Now that I feel rather glum about the whole I’m-leaving-soon-bit, I’ll start thinking about what I won’t miss!


6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Miss Things.

  1. I’ll make a birthday cake for you and eat it on your behalf. Heck, I may even blow out all your candles too. đŸ˜‰ We can skpye over cake!

  2. I ate two large pieces of cake tonight before reading this. I am now able to dedicate them to you and I hereby absolve myself of any associated guilt. Thanks Sam!

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