Adventures in Planning

I have always enjoyed all the aspects of planning a vacation – that is, until my concept of “vacation” expanded from its usual two-week format to something a tad larger.

And by tad, I mean four-to-five months.

I am preparing for my first backpacking adventure, which I embark on in about a week. Normally, my vacations consist of renting a nice vacation house/condo and noodling around an area with a home base to return back to in the evenings. Throwing that concept out the window has been in itself a challenge. Then wrapping my head around the idea that I am going to be nomadic with my belongings on my back for four months has also caused some anguish.

So planning is hard. I now understand why some love using travel agents. There have been days where I would have gladly thrown my pile of books at someone else and said “plan me something fabulous!” but this is my adventure, and part of the adventure is getting over things I am uncomfortable with.

Which include:

  • Unfamiliar situations (hopefully I get over this one quickly, otherwise…awkward times ahead)
  • Language barriers (not being an English snob here – I’m uncomfortable with how poor my grasp of other languages is)
  • Making decisions (also another one that hopefully becomes a piece of cake, or else I’m going to be sitting staring at bus schedules for months!)
  • Not planning a damn thing (ironic given the title of this post) – I need a plan! Structure! Lists!!

So while the purpose of this trip is to experience sights, sounds and cultures, it’s also a chance to do all that personal growth stuff too.

Next step – packing. I have already made a list…personal growth will have to wait.


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